Flying Green

Hydrolift believes in being environmentally aware of our affect on the planet. With that in mind, we continue to improve production process and product performance to minimize our waste and carbon emissions.

By continually analyzing our designs, we have created many of the strongest and lightest boats on the market. Our unique, two-stepped hull design allows Hydrolift boats to rise from the water earlier and at lower speeds. Hull design combined with a higher power to weight ratio, produces greater fuel efficiency for you.

We use innovative technology combined with 3D designs in our development process creating a high degree of efficiency. With effective product development, we use fewer materials, produce less waste and achieve increased results.

We work closely with our engine manufactures enabling them to produce lighter engines with better fuel economy. Our development team is also working with an application that improves performance and reduces fuel consumption. One of our most popular engines, the Mercury 6.2 petrol has been awarded the 3 star Ultra-Low Emissions from CARB - the California Air Resources Board.

Vacuum Foil Infusion Molding
All boat bodies, both glass and carbon fiber, are molded with an environmentally friendly vacuum foil infusion process. This process significantly reduces the exposure to styrene and minimizes solvent emissions, whilst allowing production of parts with high strength and tension. The molding process also ensures we maintain the highest quality standards for every boat

Green Hardwood
As an alternative to the endangered Teak, we offer renewable Norwegian Ash wood for all boat decks.

Green Ocean Coating
We offer the new environmentally friendly, low resistant, hull coating material, "Green Ocean Coating."

Throughout the manufacturing process, we strive to reduce the amount of waste and scrap we produce by being more efficient and improving employee awareness. We try hard to sort and recycle any waste and scrap produced in the molding department or the final assembly plant.


Hydrolift re-introducing

the S-24 SUN

Bård Eker and the launch

of the C-32 SUN RR.

Design Award

to Hydrolift SX-22

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Hydrolift C-32 SUN RR

Stockholm Int. Boat Show

Alt för sjön 5.-12. March

Bard Eker praise the Diavel

Ducati test in Spain

Koenigsegg Agera R

Speed Racer #83 - World Premiere

Hydrolift Nominated

Honours Award for Design Excellence

Eker Goes Ducati

The Ultimate Performance Centre

Oslo Lifestyle

4th to 6th of February