We at Hydrolift are proud to design and manufacture all our boats in Norway. The Norwegian tradition of building high quality boats has been around for decades and we feel a great sense of honor to be associated with that tradition.

Despite the high cost of salaries and taxes in Norway, we strongly believe that our precision craftsmanship, in-house logistics and a world class design team give our customers a quality product associated with respected values and an attention to detail not found anywhere else.

You can be assured that the Made in Norway logo means exceptional craftsmanship.


Hydrolift re-introducing

the S-24 SUN

Bård Eker and the launch

of the C-32 SUN RR.

Design Award

to Hydrolift SX-22

Next in line

Hydrolift C-32 SUN RR

Stockholm Int. Boat Show

Alt för sjön 5.-12. March

Bard Eker praise the Diavel

Ducati test in Spain

Koenigsegg Agera R

Speed Racer #83 - World Premiere

Hydrolift Nominated

Honours Award for Design Excellence

Eker Goes Ducati

The Ultimate Performance Centre

Oslo Lifestyle

4th to 6th of February